About Us

Ethnique was officially founded in 2013 from our living room. We are a growing home-based business and have since moved our business to a separate location within our premises.

Having a household full of girls, we realized there was not a lot of variety of scarves available in our city.

Scarves available in regular retail outlets did not meet our requirements and we were limited for choice. This led us to seek out other options to fill this need. So we purchased fabric from local establishments and tried designing and creating a variety of scarves ourselves. However, as demand grew and the desire for more fancier scarves increased we knew we couldn't keep up and decided to import quality scarves from different parts of the world.

Ethnique Scarves are all hand selected for their quality or style, and we continue to seek out new and unique scarves from different sources globally.

In order to provide our customers with high quality scarves at affordable prices, you will notice that your order will not come in expensive or decorated packaging. This is to ensure that we are being as environmentally friendly as possible and are not creating unnecessary waste. Most packaging cuts into the costs of running a business and is usually discarded soon after its opened by customers.

We hope you understand and enjoy your purchase!

 Thank you for shopping at Ethnique.