Premium Moroccan Thobes- Meknes
Premium Moroccan Thobes- Meknes

Premium Moroccan Thobes- Meknes

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Authentic Moroccan thobes made from premium quality fabric with great attention to details and fine tailoring, these thobes come with full sleeves and have a small slit at the front bottom for ease of walking.

Fabric: A blend of  different fibers

Color : Grey/Black

Available in multiple sizes- length of thobe is measured from the shoulder down, these thobes are usually worn high above the ankles, be sure to keep that in mind when placing an order to get the correct size.

Imported from Casablanca, Morocco

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Disclaimer :These are authentic Moroccan thobes made and imported from Morocco, they are not a copied version from China, India, Dubai or the Uk.